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10 Must-Try Food Destinations in Alabang

10 Must-Try Food Destinations in Alabang

Alabang’s laid back vibe provides the perfect setting for an enjoyable meal outside with family or friends. It is a sprawling gastronomic haven that will delight even the pickiest foodies.

We round up our Top 10 must-try food destinations down south – from unlimited Korean buffet to a Harry Potter and Game of Thrones-themed bistro.

1. ALL 4 U (Festival Supermall)

All 4 U is a Korean hotpot buffet restaurant where guests can enjoy unlimited grill and shabu-shabu. Its founder is Korean national Bryan Park, who first step foot in the Philippines when he was 12 years old as part of a Church missionary work. Park is an advocate of organic ingredients, saying his mother was cured of cancer through healthy eating. His food-as-medicine philosophy is reflected in ALL 4 U’s fresh meat and vegetable offerings.



2. Samgyupsalamat (Alabang Town Center)

Samgyupsalamat is an unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant which also serves a la carte favorites like kimchi ramyun and rabokki. The restaurant’s name is a portmanteau of “samgyupsal” – which means pork belly in Korea – and “salamat” – which means “thank you” in Filipino. The restaurant offers nine kinds of pork and beef meat.


3. Mr. Roboto (Alabang Town Center)

Mr. Roboto, as the name suggests, features Japanese robot-themed interiors. It’s owners, Danni Ramos and David Mendoza, said the restaurant, whose name was based on the song “Mr. Roboto,” serves Japanese dishes with a modern twist, such as the steak and uni nigiri and nori nachos.

Mr. Roboto

4. The Witches Brew and Diner (Ramp Bldg.)

If you are a fan of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, a visit to Witches Brew and Diner is a must. Try the Wingardium Leviosa (wings platter) or the Severus Steak (T-bone steak). Get ready to battle the Night King with Pizza Daenarys or the Song of Fire and Ice (penne pasta in marinara sauce). Down your troubles with a mug of non-alcoholic butter beer, or perhaps a glass or two of Polyjuice or Dragon’s Blood.

The Witches Brew and Diner

5. Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar (Westgate Center)

A high-end French-Mediterranean restaurant, head here for a luxurious romantic lunch or dinner. Caviar Bar’s best sellers include fresh oysters from Bordeaux, escargot in Grana Padano and garlic herb butter, 28-day dry aged bone-in ribeye, lamb chops, and of course the assorted caviar – beluga, white sturgeon, sevruga, and oscietra, among others.

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar

6. 81 Cafe and Bistro (Madison Galeries)

81 Cafe and Bistro serves Filipino, Spanish and Italian comfort food that will remind you of your mother’s cooking. Try the adobong puti (which does not use soy sauce, hence the name) or the Arroz a la Cubana for a filling meal, before capping it off with a slice or two of the cafe’s salted caramel cheesecake.

81 Cafe and Bistro

7. Darwin Dimsum (Molito Lifestyle Mall)

A hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint, Darwin Dimsum serves a wide variety of delicious and affordable dim sum and noodles – from the traditional xiao long bao and shrimp dumpling to the very Instagram-friendly Hello Kitty hakaw and Panda vegetable buns.

Darwin Dimsum

8. Melt Grilled Cheesery (Molito Lifestyle Mall)

This cheese haven makes all its dishes from scratch save for the bread. Their Classic Melt is a special blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese on sourdough bread, with a layer of tomato puree and a light drizzle of honey, while the creamy tomato meat linguini combines Bolognese sauce with cherry tomato, garlic confit and goat cheese.

Melt Grilled Cheesery

9. Manila Creamery (Alabang Town Center)

What is a food crawl without the requisite dessert? At Manila Creamery, you can enjoy gelato goodness with uniquely Filipino flavors such as mangga’t suman as well as gelato shakes with bold flavors like the Ube Salted Egg (ube gelato with salted egg caramel and sapin-sapin) and Matcha Taho (matcha gelato, malted milk gelato, taho and matcha jelly).

Manila Creamery

10. Cafe Seolhwa Bingsu (Festival Supermall)

Cafe Seolhwa is known for its finely shaved ice bingsu. Must try flavors include strawberry, berry cheese, green tea, mango cheese, and caramel coffee. The cafe also serves croissants, fusion toasts and traditional Korean sticky rice cake.

Cafe Seolhwa Bingsu